Shared Value

We collaborate with Industry and the International Development Sector to advance the use of AI to deliver innovative solutions to challenges facing the humanitarian and development sectors. This results in more effective delivery of projects in remote and underserved communities.

  • Collaborative partnerships
  • Leverage knowledge, experience and combined resources
  • Greater impact


We use technology to design solutions that can make significant impact at scale, towards solving the youth employability challenge in Africa.

  • Integrating technology with social impact
  • Creating sustainable opportunities
  • Improved outcomes in more locations


We actively collaborate with academia in research projects to gain a better understanding of issues facing underserved communities, in order to design innovative projects that use technology to deliver transformational outcomes.

  • Produce data that is used to develop solutions to social problems
  • Foster innovation through research
  • We contribute to the global knowledge-base

The Future Of Work

We facilitate youth and persons with disabilities in acquiring skills needed to deliver technology projects for clients around the world. Projects include Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Robotics, Data Science and Software Development.

  • Bridging the tech skills gap
  • Inclusive workforce development
  • Advancing the future of work


Working in teams with more experienced professionals from around the world, we give young people from disadvantaged backgrounds opportunities to work on technology. They do this through co-development, by working in teams with more experienced professionals from around the world.

  • Best Practice
  • Cross-border collaboration
  • Building digital bridges

Our Offices

Ushuru Plaza
Block C, Ground Floor
Muthangari Drive
Nairobi, Kenya


701 Brazos St.
Austin, TX 78701 United States of America

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